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Creating a Web Management System Using PHP & MySQL

I'm in the process of creating a Web Management System usng PHP & MySQL. I am also going to write a book on how to do it. I have decided to blog the sections as I go, although I will be skipping around the chapters so my blog will not reflect the exact book layout, making it worthwhile for those who are really interested in the whole process to buy the book.

Also, I will be splitting the sections between my personal Blog and the ITToolbox Blog. You can sign up for email notifications, FeedBlitz
or RSS feeds at both blogs so you won't miss anything. I will place something referencing the book in the title of the blog so you will know which posts are going to be specifically associated with the book.

I will appreciate comments. I turn off comments on my personal blog after 30 days, so please e-mail me with comments if you can't post a comment.

The book will be split into two sections. The first section will provide information that is used by the module chapters. There will only be basic pieces that will be expanded on in the module chapters. For instance there is an Authorization chapter in the module chapters, but a basic login screen will be created for the Security chapter. The second section will contain a piece of the website called a module. You can pick and choose which modules you want for your own website. There will be no information in a particular chapter which will be required for a different module than the presented module.

This is the table of contents so far:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Security
Chapter 3 - Object Oriented Programming
Chapter 4 - Templates
Chapter 5 - Content Management
Chapter 6 - Application Framework
Chapter 7 - Debugging
Chapter 8 - Testing
Chapter 9 - Source Code Management
Chapter 10 - Database Management
Chapter 11 - Authorization
Chapter 12 - News
Chapter 13 - Member Area
Chapter 14 - Contact Manager
Chapter 15 - Mailing List
Chapter 16 - Newsletter

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