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Star Wars Security

I just finished watching the 6 Star Wars movies over a two week period and since I don't own them, I can't go back and look at specific things.  Just rely on memory and what is out on the internet for information.

I don't know about you, but the 6th movie (3rd produced) leaves me with an unfinished feeling.  Here the rebellion just finished off the Emporer (or did they - we never saw him actually die), and there is one trained Jedi Knight and one untrained Jedi.  Back when the first three movies were out, I remember hearing that there were going to be a total of 9.  I was just reading an article on the internet that came out just after the 3rd movie (6th produced) that there were supposed to be 12 movies.

Today I'd like to discuss the security in the Star Wars series.  I would like to know what you think about it.  Please place your comments here, or in your own blogs with trackbacks so I can read the posts.

In particular, I'm concentrating on the last three (or the first three produced).  They're the ones I have seen more often.  Since these films were produced in the 70s and 80s they have the security mindset of that era.  Of course we'll take into account the fact that currently a lot of security breeches take a lot more time, both in real time and the time it would take in the movie to show everything, than is acceptable for a movie.

First, I want to point out the issue of the fact that R2D2 could connect just about anywhere and get full access to information.  What modes of hacking is he using?

  1. Spoofing an authorized user?
  2. Is it wise to use a universal connector?

Second, in the last movie even R2D2 couldn't open the blast door so Han Solo tried to hot wire it.  Is this possible with current technology.  If a person has all the time in the world (the time allotted by the movie) can he open up the security device to just hot wire the open door signal to let him in?  This is a somewhat personal question.  We have just installed a new garage door opener at my house.  It has a device on the outside that if I enter an access code, the door will open.  Can this device be taken apart and made to work?  Especially since there is no other security devices (cameras) around it to protect it?

Third, in the last movie, the rebels got a hold of an enemy ship with passcodes and everything.  They were also able to commandeer an enemy walker (don't know the name of it - the thing with 4 legs and guns on it).  As we saw with 9/11, should it be possible for any one to operate the vehicle?  What security should be used so that only authorized users operate the vehicle?

Fourth, from one of the earllier movies (one of the first three - last three to be produced), the Jedi had a very impressive library computer which had everything in it.  A star system was erased out of it.  How do you back up something like that?  How do you make sure no one changes the data - even those who might have real authority to do so?



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