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Is the United States of America safer than it was 5 years ago?

No, the US is no safer than it was 5 years ago.  We may not have another target as big as the World Trade Center.   But little terrorist attacks can wear us down so that we no longer care about the situation until the next one hits.

Just look at how people are looking at the war in Iraq now.  When we first went to war, there was a large majority behind the troops.  Now we have protestors at soldiers funerals claiming that God is laughing when soldiers die.  As a Christian, I hurt for those who have to see these protester's signs.  I don't even want to advertise this group of people by posting their website as proof of their hate.  Thank God that we have others who go to help with a counter protest. 

I hurt for any one who has to see any protest saying that God hates them.  God doesn't hate people.  He hates sin.  Sometimes it is hard for people to see through their sin that God loves them.  God is a God of Love, but sometimes love must be tough, but that is not today's message.

Today I want to discuss the security of the nation and of the world.  Where are we going, and where have we come? 

Do you realize how much unprotected border the US has?  Do you realize how much open space there is for people to hide, especially in the more rugged countryside?  After all, how long did it take to capture Buck and he was confined to a small area of the US?  How long does it take for the FBI to find the people on its 10 most wanted, even when they air tv shows about them?

Are airplanes safer than they were 5 years ago?  Yes and no.  An airplane can still be hi-jacked.  But ithe passengers will usually act like those on Flight #93 five years ago.  People understand that there are ways of fighting back.

There are ways of getting around almost any security device using social engineering or finding an insider to help.  There are people who can spend hours watching and waiting to get information.  Even the police do that.  And now with cameras being so small, all a person needs is the time to hide them where the camera can record the information they want.

There are many more possibilities of security issues that I don't even have the space in this blog to mention.  The US people as a whole are still naive when it comes to technology.  Some don't want to know more.  Some don't have the time.  Some just can't understand it.

I still haven't answered the question of where are we going.  That is a big question.  Where are we going?  What do you think?


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Vinnie and Carol:

We agree that we are not any safer than what happened on 9/11. However we are more aware of the short comings I hope.


You are right about being more aware of short comings. But is that doing any good?

I'm not trying to be negative, because I personally am not doing much for national security. Living in a small town in the mid-west where terrorism is least likely, I can put my head in the sand and ignore a lot of security issues. After all, I don't have to worry about my house getting bombed or going to the supermarket and having a suicide bomber show up.

I have flown many times, in fact I was in the middle of a vacation when the war in Afghanistan was started in 2001.

There just is so much to this subject, I just wanted to get a discussion going, both with technical security and national security. As far as I'm concerned there's a lot of different views and not one absolutely correct way of doing things.

Vinnie and Carol:

I live in michigan and we are a border state. I think the goverment needs to rethink alot of what they are doing. My Cats are smarter than some of our goverment officals. I sincerely wish we could be safer than what we are.

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