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Technospeak (Part 2)

Someone who read my entry on Security mentioned that she didn't understand what I was talking about. I do need to know when I'm speaking in Technospeak. Unfortunately there isn't a Babel Fish translation for Technospeak. And I have a tendency to speak it.

For those who missed Part 1 of Technospeak, please click here.

Adware - Programs or cookies on your computer which delivers ads that depend on monitoring your internet use.

This could be useful if you want to have ads that you're more likely to find something you want. But the down side of this is that you are being monitored.

Startup Alerts - Monitoring your computer to make sure that changes to the startup aren't made without your knowledge.

Actually this is more of a monitor. Some programs you download will cause a program to be run on statup. Each entry in your startup will take time. Remember when you first got your computer and how fast it started. Now how long does it take?

WinPatrol also has a program youcan run to check what is running at startup.

- Any window that pops up on the screen. Also can be a pop-under, but I don't think these are as common anymore.

Some of the applications I have been recommending cause pop-up windows to show up. One of the problems with pop-up windows is that you can't always tell where they came from. They could be coming from your computer telling you about a very real problem. Or it could be a website that is trying to convince you that you absolutely need to buy their software. They also cause a distraction when you're trying to do something.

I hope these definitions help.


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