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How Did You Get Your Start in IT

I was just reading an article about how children are only learning how to be comfortable with computers which isn't necessarily an entry to becoming an IT professional.  In my Dinasaurs blog entry, I touched on my start in computers.  But that isn't how I got into IT.  I didn't get into IT until years later.

Since my Mother had a Computer Science Minor in college (and worked for her degree while I was growing up), I had an understanding about computers from a young age - especially for the '70s.  But when I went to college my Mother told me that I didn't want to major in Computer Science.  It should be more of a minor.  So since my interests were in Math and Foreign Languages, I chose to start college with major in Math and possibly a minor in a Foreign Language. 

My Mother also told me to look at Engineering schools (which she claims she never did, but there is no reason why I would have considered one without her recommendation).  I applied to several universities and got into only 2 of them.  I chose the smaller one, Lehigh University, which also happened to be miles away from home and in another state.

During my Freshman year many students asked me what I was going to do with a Math major besides teach and I had no answer for them.  I was friends with several Engineering students who were taking a computer course.  They seemed to be having so much fun, that I had to try it.  But it was an engineering course and you had to be majoring in Engineering.

I went to the Dean of the Arts and Science school to ask about changing to Engineering.  He recommended taking an interests test to be sure I'd be interested.  I did and of course I scored high on Engineering.  So I took the Engineering Computer course and had so much fun.  This particular course also had a weekly session for explaining each of the different Engineering degrees Lehigh offered.  When the Electrical Engineering Dean came to talk, he mentioned a new degree called Computer Engineering.  He also mentioned a few of the characteristics of some one who would be interested in it.  I fit those characteristics perfectly.

At that time I officially changed my major to Computer Engineering.  BTW at Lehigh at the time there was no Computer Science degree offered.  I managed to get my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering by going an extra semester (don't ask what my GPA was - I GRADUATED).

But this still wasn't IT.  (To be continued.)


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