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Why Security Part 1

Some website owners are wondering why they need security. These may be the same ones who do not have a virus scanner, spyware detection software on their personal computers they use to connect to the web. They also may be ones who do not have a firewall on their computer.

To tell you the truth, I don't have a virus scanner running on my computer at all times. Last year I bought the McAfee virus software. I have been using Zone Alarm Firewall for years. The two do not get along very well so I stopped McAfee from starting up when I booted up the computer. Since I am very careful, and I was only fooled twice over two years ago, I can get away without virus software running.

Last month I did start it up and got the updates for McAfee when there was supposd to be that really bad virus.

But most users should not do what I did. (Do what I say, not as I do!)

But not all people are as computer literate as I am. Also, most of the early email virii only caused big problems if you were using MS Outlook. I use Netscape Communicator, and have been for over 7 years. I am running the current version, Netscape 8.1.

The big question is:

What security software out there is the best? That is a hard question, and the answer can vary from version to version, and depends on how adaptable the user is to new programs. I don't have a real answer. All I can do is tell you what I am using.

Current Computers:
Workstation - Windows 2000
Laptop - Windows 98 (hey the laptop was free!)

Virus Software Recommendation:
Don't use McAfee if you're using Zone Alarm. In July, when my current contract with McAfee is finished, I will be trying out the Zone Alarm suite.
Note: On the laptop it seems to run ok.

Firewall:I'm using Zone Alarm Pro on my home workstation, and the free version of Zone Alarm on my laptop.

Spyware Detection:
Spybot Search & Destroy on the workstation. It causes the laptop to crash on startup, so I am not running it there. I also have MS AntiSpyware. Except for the 7 items it found when it first ran months ago, it hasn't found a thing. But it doesn't seem to be causing any real slowness of my computer, so I have left it on the workstation.

Adware detection
Ad-Aware SE on the workstation. I run it whenever I remember that it doesn't have an automatic scan.

Startup Alerts
This alerts the user when software inserts a program into the system startup. I have three popup messages when this happens. One from Zone Alarm. One from Spybot S&D. And a third from Win Patrol.

Special Folder Alerts
I don't have a technical name for this category, but software installs some files in either the Root folder, Windows folder or Windows System folder. Most of these are valid programs, but it is nice to know when this happens. I use Boot Alert to tell me when this happens. It runs on startup and if there are any differences (files now missing or new files) it will alert the user.

I have multiple programs watching these for me. Netscape and Firefox have their own pop-up stoppers, which I use. One problem with using Netscape and Firefox together, is that they're based on the same program, Mozilla. Therefore each thinks the other is a popup! And I use Pop-up Stopper.

Now the question is where do you get these programs!
MS AntiSpyware (or Defender)
Spybot S&D
Zone Alarm

All of these except McAfee have free versions. If you find any of the products useful, you may want to get paid versions.


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