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What is ethical?

A blog I read on a daily basis (whether or not there is a new post) is one by Security Monkey. I have learned a lot about security.

Today he hit the jackpot with comments on "Geeks Take Down Dirty C-Level Executives"

The question is whether or not the Geeks were ethical. The C-Level Executives certainly were not. My guess is that if they weren't being unethical they were way over in that grey area. They certainly didn't expect all the stuff that got sent on the corporate email.

Yes, email has to be considered public. But how public is it? Also, there are many cases of email being sent to the wrong person.

One thing to remember too, is that email can be forwarded far and wide by recipients. And those on the forwarded list can forward it further and wider.

Many commenters to Security Monkey believe this entry is an urban legend. But since I have have read his blog from start to this last entry, I fully believe him. He has always changed names and some minor details so that the people and companies involved cannot be recognized.

What do you think about the ethics of the geeks?

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"Yes, email has to be considered public." No, corporate email is usually considered to be an asset of the company. Public means that it is open to anyone, not just the company. I am guessing that this was your intent though. If you read my posts there are some grey areas that if the company does not address it can cause them problems.

The topic of ethics in IT is a very interesting one I think. Many 'geeks' start off when they are young and don't understand morale issues. This usually changes when they get wacked in the back of the head by a ruler. Keep in mind that geeks morales are seperated by borders. A geek in Russia may not find something morale compared to one in the US or another country that has stricter laws.

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