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Technospeak (Part 1)

Someone who read my last entry on Security mentioned that she didn't understand what I was talking about. I do need to know when I'm speaking in Technospeak. Unfortunately there isn't a Babel Fish translation for Technospeak. And I have a tendency to speak it.

Let me go back and give a few definitions.

Virus - something bad.

Just because you're running Linux or OS/X or even an earlier Mac, doesn't mean you can't get one on your computer. New virii are being created every day.

Virus Scanner or Antivirus Software - a program which runs on your computer and watches every file, program and email that is processed on your computer.

As I mentioned in my last post I installed McAffee on my computer but it and another program slowed down my computer so much, that I removed it. If one came with your computer you should use it. And make sure you pay for the subscription so that you are protected in to the new virii that are coming out every day.

Firewall -

Hmmmm. No definition in my mind. Just a good thing to have. I had a firewall first on my computer since the McAffee CD I had bought in 1998 or so didn't work in my old CD drive and never got around to installing it. This can help prevent virii from spreading (another story).

A firewall watches every program just like the virus scanner, but it makes sure the program doesn't do something like use your modem to make expensive phone calls, or even contact a webpage when you're not expecting it. These are some of the bad things that bad programs can do to your computer.

Spyware - A program that is watching websites you go to, steals passwords and other spying on what you're doing on your computer

This is the most dangerous type of program. The ones that collect passwords will send those passwords and credit cards to somewhere else so that they can access your bank accounts, use your credit card to buy expensive stuff, or in general steal your identity.

And it isn't just a program. Some websites you go to put cookies on your computer so that other websites can read them and know what sites you tend to go to so that they can show you ads that you might be more likely to click on. This may sound like a good thing, but do you really want people knowing everything you buy?

(Update: I've added links to some better definitions for some of the definitions I gave here.)


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